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Climate Forestry is a specialist professional forestry company with programmes of work to optimise operational forest management, support forest certification and timber legality assurance, develop and implement sustainable financial strategies, and support organisations to meet the requirements of International Conventions and Environmental Agreements.

We are uniquely positioned to assist local, national, and international companies and governments, enhance their forestry initiatives. Our professional services are implemented using a step-wise methodological approach to satisfy national and international environmental, social, and regulatory standards of compliance.

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Forest Management Optimisation

Climate Forestry develops small and large-scale strategic, and economic, operational forest management plans to optimise planning, reduce overhead cost and enhance efficiency.

Certification, Legality Assurance

Climate Forestry supports local and international organisations meet the requirements of domestic and international certification standards.

Financial Strategy, Capital Raising

Climate Forestry supports the creation of innovative financial mechanisms to assure predictable, reliable and sustainable finance is available for responsible forest management.

International Conventions

Climate Forestry provides up-to-date information, analysis and strategies to safeguard the interest of our clients while assuring operations meet the requirements of International Conventions and Environmental Agreements.

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Invitación al Webinar – América Latina y el Caribe – La Alianza para el Manejo Forestal Responsable : Webinar Invitation – Latin-America and the Caribbean – The Alliance for Responsible Forest Management

Estimado posible asistente (English below) La Alianza para el Manejo Forestal Responsable (www.arfm.org) es una nueva organización no gubernamental internacional sin fines de lucro cuyo objetivo es acelerar la implementación del manejo forestal responsable en todo el...

The ARFM Webinar Invitation – Africa – 26/04/22

The Alliance for Responsible Forest Management (ARFM http://www.arfm.org/) is a new international not-for-profit non-governmental organisation with the goal to accelerate the implementation of responsible forest management across the tropical world. The aim is to...

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