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Our work is implemented using a step-wise approach to meet the needs of the client, while ensuring the work meets national, and international environmental, social, and regulatory standards.

Understanding The Problem

We listen to our client’s to understand and analyse the situation underpinning the problem. We develop a methodological, step-wise approach to implement the best solution, in-line with the needs of the client, and of course, domestic and international legal and environmental regulatory frameworks.

Strategy Formulation

Streamlined, efficient, and client-focused, successful projects begin with a clear strategy. We provide professional, value-added, result-oriented services, and strategic project development is at the very heart of successful implementation.


Whether the project is dirty-boots on the ground, or global policy-based negotiations, our work integrates results-oriented approaches to ensure implementation is in-line with the requirements needs, and critically, within the agreed timeframe, of our clients needs.

Reporting & Communication

Climate Forestry understands the value of good communication. Perhaps the most important component to the project cycle is communication and reporting, as without it, lessons-learned cannot be passed-on. Identifying the target audience at the inception of a project provides the basis for accurate and precise reporting.


Maintaining success requires monitoring. At Climate Forestry, we understand the value of continual project monitoring. Integrating long-term, result-oriented services can help to reduce the risk of future project failure, and better communicate the lessons-learned, such that, substantive progress can be made to achieve long-term, sustainable solutions.

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